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We must endeavor to be a shining example to others–always striving towards the good of mankind. ~ Hannah Mayes

Photo: Geek Philosopher

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2 Comments on Sayings, Quotes: Hannah Mayes

  1. Hannah,

    Just wanted to let you know how profoundly impressed I am with your website and obvious labor of love. The world is starving (or should be) for the insights and inspiration you are sharing. Awesome job!! Please never give up. You are making a difference.

    Your newest fan,
    Rich Tenaglia

  2. Hannah Mayes says:

    Thank you Rich for taking the time to express your recognition of my sincere effort to inspire and uplift all visitors to my site. My heartfelt thanks to you for encouraging me to continue… I am in the process of upgrading the site and hope to resume posting again in the next little while. So please to welcome you as my newest fan!Thanks again.

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